call me Ri !

leo ☉ gemini ☾ sag ↑.
entp 7w8. blasian (desi & african). sapphic. sza, mitski & meg lover. bmf!! ask for socials i’ll say yes.

i don’thave links
for youoops sorry
(1) before you follow(2) don’t follow if
updates are super slow cause i’m lazy yikes. prefer they/them if we’re not mutuals but you do you idrc. i don’t really use the insta linked. ask for my main if u wanna be friendsif you’re younger than 13 dni with ME but feel free to read my fics they’re all sfw (current moots okay!!) fit basic dni criteria, participate in white feminism cause that’s gross.

this girl is so embarrassing.

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take note !

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again, expect very slow updates. feel free to spam my message board but don’t send those copy and paste messages reminding me to take care of myself. it’s weird.

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dms are open.
selective follow backs. 💯💯
i curse and reclaim slurs.